Humimeter BLO Online Moisture Measuring System
Humimeter BLO Online Moisture Measuring System
Price: $ 6,901.00 up to $ 12,421.00
Humimeter BLO Online Moisture Measuring System
Provides linear 4-20 mA output for both moisture and temperature
Manufacturer: Humimeter
Warranty: One Year
The Humimeter BLO Online Moisture Measuring System is a precision instrument that allows an easy online determination of the water content of wood chips and similar materials. The wood chips sensor for the installation in a screw conveyor can easily be integrated also in existing plants. With this system you can actuate your dryer or oven optimally according to the water content. Therefore the efficiency of your oven can be improved and accordingly the energy consumption of drying can be reduced. The water content and the temperature is shown on the well-lit LC display of the analyzing device. The connection to a control system can be realized by the 4-20mA analog output. As the BLO for wood chips is already completely calibrated, the installation can be realized with a modicum of effort. In order to avoid very costly mistakes due to incorrect moisture levels, you have to check the moisture of material in the manufacturing and treatment process to give you the chance to take suitable measures in time. More than 40.000 customer-specific solutions have been designed and produced for industry and university institutions. Our technicians provide reliable support and are available to answer your questions and solve your technical problems.

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