Delmhorst PX-20 Moisture Meter for Paper
Delmhorst PX-20 Moisture Meter for Paper

Large, custom display with auto backlight easy to read under all conditions
On-screen readings statistics High, Low, Average, Standard Deviation, view all readings
Bluetooth connectivity
The Delmhorst PX-20 Moisture Meters is the latest in the new NavigatorTM family of moisture meters from Delmhorst. Uniquely designed for use in the field, the PX-20 feature a dashboard-like display that is easy to read under most conditions, and large, easy to use navigation buttons. With the Delmhorst PX-20, the contact pins mounted on the top of the meter are used for making direct contact with the material. Various external electrodes are also available for specific applications. The Delmhorst PX-20 is especially useful for testing paperboard, corrugated stock, and paper cores and tubes. They are ideal for QC personnel, buyers, and salespeople.

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