Humimeter RH5 Paper Moisture Meter, 0 to 100%

Price: $ 899.00

Humimeter RH5 Paper Moisture Meter with Datalogger
Can also be used for normal relative air humidity measurement

The Humimeter RH5 Paper Moisture Meteris specifically designed for measuring moisture content in paper by inserting the "sword probe" into a stack/pile of paper. The measured values can be manually entered into datalogger or can be set to automatically record at pre-set intervals.

The temperature is measured as well and included in the hygromeasurement. Temperature range for measurement is -10 to +60 C and can either be displayed in C or F. The RH5 hygrometer can measure the moisture content in paper or alternatively be used to measure relative air humidity measurements or dew point.

An optionalUSBoutput module (RH5-USB) is available for transferring recorded data to a PC or printer for analysis/documentation. It is supplied with FREE software, a data link cable for connection to a PC and printer, and a USB adapter. There is also an option for a thermal printer with which you can print you measured values without a PC directly from the instrument.For additional protection, we recommend the optional protection sleeve (p/n RH5-SLEEVE) available to prevent the sensor or gauge being damaged during the "insertion" process. A sleeve removal tool is also recommended.

Kit Contents

  • RH5 Moisture Meter
  • Wooden Case
  • Batteries
  • User Manual


  • Measurement accuracy of 1.5% & resolution of 0.1%
  • Data can be manually entered into datalogger or can be set to automatically record at pre-set intervals
  • OptionalUSB outputis used to transfer stored data to a PC. Includes software & transfer cable
  • Supplied with wooden case and batteries
  • Measures temperature using Pt 1000 probe & calculates Dew Point
  • Menu language in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian
  • Using unique "sword" sensor element to penetrate paper roll
  • 2-Year Warranty


Measurnig Range0 to 100%
Accuracy1.5% (0 to 90%) at 25C
Temperature Range-10 to +60C (14 to 140F)
Temperature Resolution0.1C (0.1F)
Temperature Unitscan be set to C and F
Temperature Accuracy0.4C (at 25C) Pt 1000 DIN B
Dew Point Temperature Range-55 to 60C (-67 to 140F)
Dew Point Temperature Resolution0.1C
Date LoggerAutomatic data log for 10.000 logs with measuring point report (optional)
Complete KitRH5 Moisture Meter, Wooden Case, Batteries, User Manual
Optionally AvailablePC-interface, software and printer
Warranty2 years

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Product Price
Humimeter RH5 Paper Moisture Meter, 0 to 100% $899.00
Accessories Price
Portable Battery Powered Thermo Printer $615.00
RH5-CAL-UNIT Calibration Equipment for instrument with sword sensor for piles of paper (requires RH5-CAL-AMP1 or RH5-CAL-AMP2) $278.00
RH5-CAL-AMP1 Certified Calibration Ampoules - set of 5x 50% r.h. $180.00
RH5-CAL-AMP2 Certified Calibration Ampoules - set of 2x 35%, 1x 50% & 2x 80% r.h. $180.00
RH-SWORD Sword Sensor Holder for RH5 $185.00
RH-REMOVE Sword Sensor Holder Removal Tool (made of steel with wooden handle) $75.00
RH-CAL Factory Calibration Certificate Protocol documenting the adjustment at delivery $185.00



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