Humimeter BL2 Universal Biomass Moisture Meter
Humimeter BL2 Universal Biomass Moisture Meter
Price: $ 2,120.00 up to $ 2,758.00
Suitable for Wood chips, pellets, saw dust, round wood, split wood hay bales and straw bales.
Measuring range:up to 60% water content
Accuracy:< 2.5%
Instant measuring results
The BL2 Universal Biomass Moisture Meter is specifically-designed for users who require a portable moisture meter to cover a wide range of biomass applications. It is supplied with both the insertion probe for wood chips, wood pellets and sawdust as well as the hammer Probe with short and long pins for measurement on round timber, split logs and hay and straw bales. The BL2 is supplied with several calibration curves that are automatically activated when a specific probe is connected. If more than one calibration is offered for the connected probe, it can be user-selected using the menu system. Measuring results are displayed instantly and are temperature compensated.

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