Humimeter FSG Food Moisture Meter, complete Kit

Price: $ 1,995.00

Humimeter FSG Food and Special Product Moisture Meter
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The Humimeter FSG Food and Special Product Moisture Meter is a special model moisture meter that can be used for a quick determination of water content of all product types and finished products.

For measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples.

The Humimeter FSG Food and Special Product Moisture Meter is calibrated for spiral noodles, peanuts and walnuts and more. Users can generate and store their own custom calibration curves or upon request, this service can be provided at an additional cost. For factory generation of custom calibration curves, a 4-5 litre sample must be supplied.

When paying for products from suppliers, it is normally important to measure the moisture content to insure suitable product quality and to insure that you are paying a fair price, not paying for the weight of water.

Operation of the FSG Food and special products moisture meter is quick and easy. Simply turn-on to FSG, ll it with your sample and the FSG will display the moisture content on the backlit LCD Display. The measuring values can be stored in the built-in memory.

The FSG-USB includes USB output allowing data transfer to a PC or mobile printer. The FSG-USB is supplied with free software and includes data transfer cable. Stored data be transferred to other programs for additional analysis.

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  • Suitable for use with all types of nuts, fruits, dried animal parts and more
  • 3 Litre Sample Volume required for measurement
  • Built-in memory for 10,000 data values
  • FSG-USB offer USB output and is supplied with free software and data transfer cable
  • Built-in temperature Compensated results in C or F
  • Operating Temperature Range of 0 to +50C
  • Bulk density compensated by using integrated scale
  • Resolution 0.1%
  • Measuring range varies by material type
  • User can build and store their own custom calibration curve
  • Factory can optionally generate custom calibration with 4-5 litre sample provided by user


Measuring Range1 - 15% moisture content, depending on the type of product
Temperature range for measuring0 to +50C
Menu languagesEnglish, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian
HousingRobust stainless steel housing
DisplayLCD display with backlight
Power4x 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Dimensions226 x 165 x 240mm
Sample volume3.0 litres
Weight3.0 Kg (incl. Batteries)
Battery Life900 measurements, with auto-off after 6 minutes of non-use
Power4 x 1.5 Volt AA Alkaline batteries
Custom Material Calibrationyes, can be calibrated by user
Warranty2 years
DimensionsDimensions: 23 x 19 x 24 cm
Weight3 Kg

Complete Kit

The FSG is delivered as a complete kit including, FSG-Food Moisture Meter, Digital scale 2200g, Plastic bucket 3.3 litres, Batteries

FSG-USB also includes data transfer cable and software

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Product Price
Humimeter FSG Food Moisture Meter, complete Kit $1,995.00
Accessories Price
Hammer-action Pin-type Electrode $1,235,646.00
FSG-PRINTER HumiPrinter-Portable Battery Powered Thermo Printer $495.00
FSG-CAL Factory calibration certificate $140.00
HUMI-CREATE-CAL Generate and program custom calibration curve for customer supplied material $595.00
ADD-CAL Adding existing curve to instrument or verification of the curve $125.00



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